Director: Yara Agnon, Israel, 2017, 15 min

A fresh and unique look at JZR Crew – a group of five youths who are leading a new Arab underground scene in Haifa.


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Our Heroes


Director: Yair Agmon, Israel, 2016, 17 min

A conflict, any conflict, is ultimately a struggle between stories and memories. Through the stories of Anshel, who is Jewish and Hanin, who is Arab – demented elderly folks who came across one another during the 1948 War, the film tries to ask questions about their narratives, about the agents of memory that guide them, and the relationship between a “story” and an “experience,” and the capacity of those stuck in this war, to rise above it.


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Director: Uri Smoly, Israel, 2016, 15 min

The building of a restaurant established on the shore of the Dead Sea years ago is now abandoned, far away from the diminishing shoreline. Musician Yoav Halevi tries to breathe life among the ruins, enlisting the help of voices he records in the area. The memories of Roni Carmel and Zuheir al-Amad, from different periods, are interwoven into a place that survived wars, conquests, vibrant life and coexistence, but ultimately, gave in to the forces of nature.


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The Boy from H2


Director: Helen Yanovsky, Israel, 2017, 21 min

Mohammed Burkan is a 12-year old boy living in Hebron, in the H2 area under full Israeli military control. Mohammed is one of the children the army detains almost every day on suspicion of throwing stones. Mohammed, who is one of 10 children, leads a life that vacillates between his crowded home, and the street, where he constantly gets into trouble.


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To Breathe Freely in Our Homeland


Director: Eitan Wetzler, Israel, 2018, 30 min

The Awad family is a downtrodden Palestinian family with many children from Budrus in the West Bank. The family’s story reflects the hardships that many Palestinian families face under occupation. It is also a story of the Israelis who are unable to turn a blind eye to what is happening such a short distance from their homes.


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Forgetting Where I Came From


Director: Hadar Yoselewitz, Israel, 2018, 11 min

Majd and Ali are two people who escaped the painful hell of their lives in Eilat. A random encounter turned into a friendship that saved their lives.

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Only Darkness Preceded You


Director: Michael (Mysh) Rozanov, Israel, 2018, 5 min

One of the workers in a dull factory daydreams about a liberated dancer that fills the factory’s walls with color and emotion. Her imagination spreads to other workers and frees them of their mechanic livelihoods.


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A Night with No Dawn


Director: Sara Bozakov, Israel, 2017, 20 min

Five men from Darfur are forced to go to the Holot Detention facility. Upon arriving they realize they are late and have to spend the night outside. Once it is dark, the desert and the sky become mirrors into the men’s souls, and they embark on a spiritual journey in search of answers. 


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Between Kermanshah to Majdanek


Director: Omri Najad, Israel, 2016, 24 min

Bechor has less than a week to get the sum of money needed to send his daughter, Yarden, on her high school trip to Poland. On his journey to get the money, he deals with questions of identity, culture and his Persian roots, which he neglected in favor of his Israeli identity.


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At Dawn


Director: Omri Burstyn, Israel, 2018, 19 min

Ali is the only Arab member of a left-wing activist group of Jerusalem youth from good families. He is in love with one member Yael, and plans to tell her how he feels the next time they meet. A series of violent incidents in the city of Hebron leads the group to decide to take more radical actions. Ali is torn between his values and his unrequited feelings for Yael.

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How Long, Not Long


Director: Michal & Uri Kranot, Israel, 2016, 05:30 min

A visual journey in a xenophobic era.

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Home Made


Director: Shira Meishar, Israel, 2017, 13 min

Helena, who works in a small restaurant in Jerusalem, is celebrating her 50th birthday. Instead of returning home to her husband, she chooses to stay at the restaurant a bit longer, together with a passerby that walked into the place and a kid from the streets that she saved from a fight.

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Fighting Sand Castles


Director: Adi Ornai & Hila Mutayn, Israel, 2018, 23 min

Omar, an asylum seeker from Darfur, Sudan, currently lives in Israel, a country that is unwilling to provide asylum to those fleeing genocide. Omar needs to cope with the reality in Israel and becomes a leading voice in the asylum seeker community. The conflict between his external world as an activist carrying the weight of responsibility of an entire nation, and his internal world, is described as an animated studio that dives behind the scenes of Omar’s world.

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