Divine Daycare

Documentary, Director: Roni Geffen, Israel, 2018, 52 min   trailer  

The movie follows a daycare center for the children of refugees in south Tel Aviv through the eyes of Lula, a captivating Eritrean girl and her teacher, Blessing.  After a firebomb is thrown at the center, the landlord decides to kick them out of the apartment. The director finds out that the landlord is her uncle, and she is pulled into the complex reality of asylum seekers in Israel.


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The Ramadan Cannon of Jerusalem

Documentary, Director: Atta Awisat & Nimrod Shanit, Israel, 2017, 56 min  

Rajae Sanduka struggles with the daily hardships of being a Palestinian resident of Jerusalem during Ramadan, trying to preserve a 120-year family tradition of firing a cannon in the direction of the walls of the Old City. He decides to put on a satirical play in the last Palestinian theater left in the city, as the only guaranteed way to cope with his absurd situation.


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On The Move

Documentary, Director: Avida Livny, Israel, 2008, 75 min 

The story of “Ehud Banai and the Refugees.” In provincial Ramat Gan of the 1960s, during trips to Amsterdam and London, in isolated houses in Karkur, Rosh Pina and New York, from random shows to only a few in Afula and Eilat, to an unexpected tour in the U.S. – this is how a one-time comradeship of musicians came about, which could only be separated by death.


A special ten year anniversary screening.

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The Impure

Documentary, Director: Daniel Najenson, Israel, 2017, 68 min  

In early 20th century Argentina, a powerful Jewish crime organization called Zwi Migdal operated brothels throughout the country, and for decades engaged in the trafficking of Jewish women into prostitution. “The Impure” tells the story of young Jewish women who married Jews from the new world and fell victim to cruelty and exploitation.


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To See If I'm Smiling

Documentary, Director: Tamar Yarom, Israel, 2007, 65 min  

Six women talk about their military service in the territories. An educational officer, a personal affairs officer, an operations sergeant, a lookout, a medic and combatant, who are all currently discharged from the army. They reflect on their service and are critical of the decisions they made while in uniform. Questions arise that bring up a great deal of pain.

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Narrative, Director: Udi Aloni, Israel, 2006, 97 min  

The story of a new immigrant from the U.S. to Israel, who accidentally kills a Palestinian girl during his military service, suffers shock and is put into a mental hospital located on the ruins of the Palestinian village Deir Yassin. He believes the ghosts of the village’s residents are trying to communicate with him, and his father takes him back to New York, where he falls in love with a Palestinian American woman, whose daughter looks like the girl he killed. 

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To Grow Up Under Occupation

B'Telem, Israel, 70 min

A collection of short films made by B'Tselem volunteers that focuses on young Palestinians under the occupation. The daily violent routine in the occupied territories and East Jerusalem is manifested in the frequent friction of the Israeli security forces with Palestinian minors: remands, arrests and violence are part of daily life of this vulnerable sector of the population. A discussion about this topic with the Research Director of B'Tselem, Adv. Yael Stein.

Arabic with Hebrew and English subtitles

Saturday 28.4, 21:00, Cinema 4   Buy Tickets

A View on Gaza

B'Telem, Israel, 70 min

There is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza: A scarcity of drinking water, electricity, food and drugs, in addition to severe unemployment; the resident depend on the assistance of humanitarian organizations. The siege on Gaza prevents a public discussion in Israel concerning this reality. Videos and a video conference call with Khaled al-Azayzeh, B'Tselem researcher in Gaza, would shed some light on the dire distress in Gaza.

Arabic with Hebrew and English subtitles

Sunday 29.4, 21:30, Cinema 2   Buy Tickets

Yesh Gvulstock

Directed by Eli Sarid, Israel, 32 min

In September 1983, During the First Lebanon War, Yesh Gvul organized a festival in Achziv calling to bring all the soldiers home. Twenty thousand people and leading Israeli musicians took part in an historical show. A never before seen recording of the event was recently discovered. Performers include Chava Alberstein, Shalom Hanoch, Benzin, David Broza, Miki Gavrielov, Yehonatan Geffen, Menny Beger and more.

Hebrew and English subtitles

Friday 27.4, 14:00, Cinema 2   Buy Tickets