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Hall 1

Home but Away 

Dir: Eitan Weztler, Shani Konstabler

16:34 min

This film follows two Filipino women who have been working in Israel as caregivers for many years. They came in order to solve the economic distress of their overseas families and to provide for them. The film reveals each one’s inner world, the sacrifices, the hardships, the challenges, the dreams, and their thoughts about whether they should stay in Israel permanently.

Sugar Morning

Dir: Zohar Oryah

08:17 min

9-year-old Eddie is a Parent-child, this morning his father stops him from getting to his mom with an excuse of her sleeping. improvises a quick breakfast and rushes Eddie and his little sister Maria to leave the house earlier than they do. Eddie comprehends that his father is "sugar-coating" a dark secret. Something that accrued last night between his parents. The two enemies, each with his own secret, try to draw Maria to his side and yet join forces so she doesn’t get hurt. As Eddie tries to get to his mom without his father noticing.


Turn it Around

Dir: Boaz Olander

15:00 min

Searching for Meow

Dir: Gal Sagy, Dor Marshall
19:00 min

Anton, Nathan and Esther, children of immigrants and refugees living in south Tel Aviv, are best friends. One day on their way to the park after school, they encounter racist screams. After the upsetting incident, Anton tells his friends about the incident and they share similar situations that have happened to them, which makes him even more angry. He calls on the group to plan revenge, but Esther is opposed and wants to forget the case. The group splits in two: supporters and opponents of the idea of revenge. The next day Anton gathers the whole gang into a plan of action that will melt every heart. The film was produced by Lahav NGO (promoting the values in society), which aims to empower disadvantaged populations through cinematic work.

In November 2017, Meow passed away leaving his best friend, Mishka, alone. Both have been homeless in recent years, both heavily addicted to alcohol. Mishka refuses to accept the death of his best friend - until the moment he stands in front of his grave. Meow's death gathers together a group of people who find themselves on a journey to the alternative cemetery of Beersheba.

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