The Student Film Competition





Hall 4


Dir: Omer Shami

18:35 min

The liberal ideology of a family from Tel Aviv cracks when it decides to evict a tenant - a Sudanese refugee single mom, after a year of not paying her rent.  Noga (17) the youngest in the family, confronts her mother Dalia (52) in an attempt to prevent the eviction, but finds that she is unable to cope with the complex reality and implications of the situation.

Give it Back!

Dir: Ruchama Ehrenhalt
14:14 min

Olivia is a 12 year old immigrant from New York City. She is trying to find her place in the new world she just landed in, the Israeli society. Instantly she connects with Alem, an Ethiopian boy who sits next to her in class. It doesn't take long for her to realize that their friendship is a social suicide. This is a story about alienation, friendship and feeling at home.


Floor -1 

Dir: Micha Amitai

12:08 min

A day on the train leads to an unexpected encounter with Mustafa, the cleaner of the Restrooms on "Floor -1" at the "Yitzhak Navon" Train Station in Jerusalem. The encounter examines the tension that evolves from the differences and similarities between Mustafa and myself. The discourse that evolves seeks for the option to talk about social, political, religious and especially personal matters.


Dir: Itsik Zuarets

13:44 min

A portrait of a teenager's recruitment to the Israel Defense Forces.


No Bad Endings

Dir: Ziv Hermelin-Shadar

13:00 min

Moments before the Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, the members of Kibbutz Seridim realize that the last Holocaust survivor on the kibbutz has no intention of coming and sharing her personal story. In order to save the day, a young kibbutz member and the survivor's granddaughter run to the library where the survivor is entrenching herself. They are determined to change her mind but very quickly, they discover that amongst the library shelves lie stories they have never heard before.

Western Field of View

Dir: Eden Maslavi

05:41 min

Based on a true story. During the Sudanese Civil War in 1993, photojournalist Kevin Carter took a photo of a starving child lying next to a vulture –The photo stirred discussions over the ethics of documenting victims of war, with many accusing Carter of not aiding the child after taking the picture. The film explores the Western gaze and the power dynamic inherent to the photographer’s positionality and to the relationship between the viewer and the suffering body.


With Age Comes Wisdom

Dir: Juman Daraghmeh

13:00 min

The religious world that I was raised in changed when I grew up.  I realized that what I was raised on were the values my parents and the community wanted me to believe in. As an adult, I decided to test this world, to try it myself.  But as much as I tried to run away from the past, the truth followed me.


Dir: Omer Ben David

21:00 min

Shimrit, Adi, and Mussa are best friends and roommates in a hostel for people with mental disabilities. When the three are forced to separate into different apartments, new difficulties arise.  The re-locations also include getting new jobs which distance them further from one another. Through the separation and the moving process, the audience gets a peek into the trio's magical world that is so different and yet so similar to their own.

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