Solidarity –Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival is a unique event that raises awareness in Israel about significant socio-political issues through screenings of groundbreaking films on human rights in Israel and around the world, films that promote peace, democracy and human rights alongside equality and social justice.

This is the festival’s sixth year running. The program combines award-winning narrative and documentary films, providing contexts for issues related to social and political struggles, among them: globalization, refugees, the occupation, hunger and poverty, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and environmental protection.

The Israeli program includes premieres and a selection of some of the best Israeli films in the field of human rights, including works by Palestinian filmmakers. In addition, this year we have introduced a competition for short films on human rights, which is designed to encourage local filmmakers to engage with political and social issues in their work, and strengthen these issues among students of film in Israel.

We believe in the power of cinema to be thought-provoking and spark activism towards a just reality and better future for all of us in the region. In the current climate, when the very notion of democracy is under threat, it is important for us to stand up and make our voices heard clearly, bravely and freely.